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What people have said about our services

"I honestly believe that a thank you will never be enough for the support, help, and comfort you have given me for the last 6 months.  I want to start off by saying that you are a true inspiration and positive influence on women and men around the world who are suffering from an eating disorder...You are a true role model to all who surround you, with or without an eating disorder... From day 1, I knew I would connect and bond with you on the same level.  You already knew me from the moment I walked in, and that's what made me feel very comfortable.  With you I felt safe, free, and far away from my worries.  You taught me how to appreciate myself and realize that I was so much better and smarter than letting an eating disorder take over my life.  Most of all you taught me how to trust and love myself..."  
18-year old “Julie”
"Simone Finkelstein has been a pivotal force in helping me, along with many other clients, combat their eating disorders and improve their lifestyle. Simone provides a positive and welcoming space for clients to share their feelings and deal with their dilemmas. Simone is very amicable and easy to talk to. The unique quality about Simone is that her understanding of the issue goes beyond her theoretical knowledge. Having dealt with an eating disorder in her past, Simone is able to sympathize and apply practical knowledge and tactics, as well as researched theory. Speaking on behalf of myself and the many women and men who deal with this problem, this attribute is definitely an asset. Along with being friendly and knowledgeable, Simone has always been a source of strength for me, moving me forward in my journey. One way that Simone is a source of support is her constantly open line of communication that she provides for her clients. Whether it be electronically (e-mail), by telephone or in person, Simone cares about her clients and their well being at around the clock, in a way that is not easy to find with many therapists or doctors. Her passion for her profession and her genuine concern for her clients is evident. Simone is a rare nutritionist and comes highly recommended. I have only had positive experiences with her and will continue to work with her in the future."
23-Year Old “Rachel”
"About a year and a half ago, I was purging at least once a day. I was addicted to laxatives and diuretics and I refused to eat anything before dinnertime. My hair was horrible, my nails wouldn’t grow and I was tired and fainting a lot. Oh yeah, and I used to abuse Ephedra-containing diet pills. Just a year and a bit later and I’m eating normally and feeling better about myself than I have ever felt in my life. I can laugh at the flaws in my body and I can rejoice it the beauty of my unique shape. I can go out and eat with friends without leaving a pile of spit out food in my napkin and I am utterly and truly happy. And I couldn’t have done this without the help I got from Simone Finklestein. When I first found Simone’s number on a website I was terrified to call. The thought of recovery is not always pleasant and it’s always terrifying. What drew me to her was the fact that she had been through it. She was not my first stop in my recovery journey. I had been on antidepressants for several years. Been seen by several shrinks and I had even tried another nutritionist. No one was able to truly relate to my problems. There’s nothing worse than confiding in someone who has only read about the feelings you have. Simone had actually felt what I was feeling, so I was able to trust her when she said these feelings were temporary. Simone understood that eating disorders are not about food. Fix the underlying problems, and the food issues fall into place. Other nutritionists had shown me food charts and little rubber chicken pieces so that I wouldn’t know what serving sizes were. They would cite facts about nutrition and lack of vitamins...none of which matter to the starved mind. Simone never took control away from me. My recovery was mine and she let me know right away that it was up to me. Every baby step was done with my approval, and no step was considered too small. Simone is truly caring, and her methods are unique, in that they seem to realize that the person sitting across from the nutritionist is not a disease, but a person with a problem. Simone helped me realize that I am not an eating disorder. I had an eating disorder, but that does not define who I am. Simone was also the first person who actually said, “Yes, recovery IS possible and I am proof”. Other doctors tell you that you can never fully recover and that you will always have to battle your inner voices. That is a horrible fate that can discourage even the most determined of eating disorder victims. I would definitely recommend Simone to others who are battling this horrible problem. She is considerate and understanding and she knows exactly where you’re coming from."
18-Year Old “Melissa”
"I can never tell you or thank-you enough for how much you helped me to change my life around. I hope you realize that what you are doing for others is something no one will or ever can forget. So if you're ever down for any reason just remember all the lives you've saved any so many you have offered a new chance. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank-you for all that you have done for me and your continued support does not go unnoticed."
37-Year Old “Lisa”