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Simone's approach to eating disorder recovery involves taking discrete steps towards the ultimate goal of recovery. For some this is rapid and decisive, whereas for most others, together we take the necessary steps to achieve many smaller victories until, without even knowing it, the individual has beaten the disorder.

Each individual is assessed thoroughly upon an initial consultation. Simone seeks to understand the individual (not the disease) and how she can best support the individual to rid themselves of negativity and build self-esteem. Once within Simone's care, regular communication channels are open whenever and wherever needed. Many clients appreciate how Simone can help them through a rough night or a stressful event, providing the needed amount of support. No cookie cutter clinical or nutritional approach is used - Simone understands her clients and, from her experience having and treating eating disorders, provides exactly what is needed, and does so at the pace of the individual.

Counselling services encompass eating disorder education and treatment, but also include a "Life Coaching Program", which provides support and guidance extending beyond eating disorder recovery and into maximizing the enjoyment of life. Since those afflicted with eating disorders tend to have similar personally traits (i.e. intelligent, caring, emotional, generous, etc), the Life Coaching Program is particularly relevant to help develop the skills which not only help cope with life, but to flourish in relationships, communications, assertiveness, school, career, and in life.

Please note that due to the Novel Coronavirus sessions are also offered through zoom or FaceTime at this time.

Services We Offer

One-on-one counselling is tailored to the specific needs of the individual and helps the client speak to someone in confidence, in a non judgmental environment.  Simone can respond to the clients concerns objectively, offer a comforting word and give sound advice to help work towards the goal of recovery.


These sessions are usually with a small group of individuals all with similar concerns.  Being in a group setting allows my clients to see that they are not alone and that others are going through what they are going through.  In these sessions Simone encourages individuals to share their stories and ways in which as a group we can work together and help each other along the way.


In these sessions we focus on what is needed for healthy and normalized eating while taking the necessary steps to start changing harmful eating behaviours. This is all to reach the ultimate goal of eating anything and everything in moderation.

The role of the family during eating disorder treatment is considered to be extremely important and essential for a successful recovery.  Families will start to understand ways to help and things they may be doing that can hinder recovery.  In these sessions we will work together to help the individual with the eating disorder to work towards recovery.

Please note that Simone's services are not usually covered by OHIP.  Please check with your supplemental insurance provider for details on coverage.